Day: September 10 2014

The makeup of Synod of Bishops on the Family is disappointing

Thomas Reese in his latest NCR column expresses concerns that change is not really happening with the Curia if we are to judge by the make up of the upcoming Synod on the family. He says that ” Having curial officials as members of a synod fails to recognize that they should be staff not policymakers.”
He also states his concerns whether the lay auditors “will represent to the bishops the views of lay Catholics, but it is hard to argue that they are representative of Catholics at large.” He concludes that ” If Francis and the Council of Cardinals is not willing to change the makeup of the synod of bishops, it is hard to believe they will really fix the Roman Curia.”

Married priests: A financial burden? Divided hearts?

Brian Eyre draws on his own experience to add his contribution to the General Assembly of the ACP on October the 1st on the discussion of the possible return of married priests to public ministry. Brian says that his own experiences show that married priests need not necessarily be a financial burden on a parish and secondly that their dedication and time will not be divided.

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