Day: November 7 2016

Doing something about Liturgy

Pádraig McCarthy alerts us to the possibility of Fr Tom O’laughlin, professor of historical theology at Nottingham University, arranging a one-day workshop for priests on their experience of presiding at celebration of liturgy.
Fr. Tom says that it would be ‘something very specific for priests – a praxis based workshop on the liturgy.’ In his view, the status quo is not an option.

How small is small?

Chris McDonnell in his recent article in the Catholic Times offers his opinion on comments made by Archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles Chaput about the benefits of having a “smaller, lighter Church if her members are also more faithful, more zealous, more missionary and more committed to holiness”.
Chris sees the comments as a backlash by some in the context of the “interesting change taking place in the United States as the conservative nature of the US hierarchy is gradually being eroded by the appointment of bishops more in tune with the openness of Francis.”
He further states that “To advocate a smaller, purer church challenges the very nature of a pilgrim Church, where the open arms of a Christian welcome demands that we offer what we have and accept others who might wish to share the journey.
It all smacks of religious sectionalism that takes no account of the bumps and difficulties that we all experience.”

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