Day: June 14 2020

A bitter struggle for the soul of Catholicism

Brendan Hoban wonders why Pope Francis’ agenda is not gaining traction in the Irish church; the agenda “to rediscover and implement the insights of the Second Vatican Council…. to focus on protecting planet earth, to place the poor at the centre of our concerns, to breathe new life into the concept of mercy, to emphasise a synodal (or group)  approach to decision-making and to find new ways of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

Presider’s Page for 14 June (‘Corpus Christi’ – the Body of Christ)

Today’s liturgy invites us to reflect on what we have missed these last three months — the weekly gathering of the Body of Christ for Sunday Mass, and the sharing in the Body of Christ in Holy Communion. As we celebrate Corpus Christi today, we pray for a greater appreciation of these gifts.

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