Third Michael Hurley Memorial Lecture, Tuesday 10 June 2014

Milltown Park Lecture
Third Michael Hurley Memorial Lecture
Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice in partnership with Milltown Institute
Divorce, Remarriage, and the Eucharist – the State of the Question
A Lecture exploring the limits of God’s mercy
Professor Ladislas Orsy S.J.
(Georgetown University)
Venue: The Arrupe Room, Milltown Park, Milltown, Dublin 6.
Date: Tuesday, June 10th 2014.
Time: 7.30 p.m.
Professor Ladislas Orsy, distinguished Canon Lawyer and theologian, now at
Georgetown University, is author of numerous books and articles. The main
intent of his writing is to keep the spirit of The Second Vatican Council
alive. Ladislas Orsy was a good friend of the late Michael Hurley, S.J.
All are welcome                                      

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