“Cardinal Muller should be replaced” – We are Church International

PRESS RELEASE 6 March 2017

Cardinal Gerhard Müller should be replaced

After more than 3 years in office the efforts by Pope Francis to reform the Roman Catholic Church are stalling. The conservative curia are fighting to retain power and control and are blocking reforms by Pope Francis to make our church more compassionate in the image of Christ. The most powerful dicastery in the Vatican is the Congregation for Doctrine and Faith (CDF) with Cardinal Gerhard Müller at its head. The CDF has now been shown to have:

• Refused the request from the Pontifical Abuse Commission that all letters from survivors should receive a reply
• Refused to allow a tribunal to be set up to investigate and censure bishops regarding covering up sexual abuse
• Refused to change the processes it uses for investigating priests & religious which are unjust and in breach of natural justice

Sigrid Grabmeier, Chair of We Are Church International, said, “The CDF has come to symbolize those aspects of our Church that serve to protect and preserve institutional power, often at the expense of the people of God. Many Catholics see it as perverting rather than exemplifying the Gospel. For the good of our Church, substantive change—a conversion, really—is needed in this important office. And quickly.”

In order to move forward towards a renewed and reformed church We Are Church International call on Pope Francis to replace Cardinal Gerhard Müller with someone who will introduce transparency, justice and compassion in the CDF.


We Are Church International, founded in Rome in 1996, is a global coalition of national church reform groups. It is committed to the renewal of the Roman Catholic Church based on the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) and the theological spirit developed from it.

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  1. Phil Greene says:

    Could someone “in the Know” please tell me if this article will influence or change anything…? I am not being smart , i would really like an answer as I cannot see any hope , the CDF are a law unto themselves who can do what they like , and we, the majority (lay and clergy alike) just keep talking about it…. the futility, the waste, the obscenity that is the abuse of their power, the hurt inflicted…. what should we do , what can we do that will stop these self-serving individuals that call themselves men of God???

  2. Willie Herlihy says:

    I agree completely with Phil  Greene@1
    We as church are completely powerless,for the simple reason, that the CDF is  unique as a medieval organisation. It is virtually impossible for the Pope to disband them,in the mean time, they are biding their time until he dies.
    There is an old adage that “culture eats change”.
    Meanwhile, we can continue wringing our hands.

  3. Martin Murray says:

    Change doesn’t come out of thin air and it certainly doesn’t happen if people aren’t talking about it first. So I applaud ‘We are Church’ for making this call.

    We don’t have decision making power but we do have power to change the culture and the collective consciousness within which the decision makers ultimately have to operate. Groups like ‘We are Church’, the ACI and of course the ACP are making a massive contribution to this – punching way above their weight when measured again the shear size and resources of the institution church. In time the decision makers will have to adapt or go the way of the dinosaurs. Its not about hand wringing, its about speaking out and preparing the ground for change.

  4. Pascal O'Dea says:

    Martin you are right, keep raising the subject, keep it in the conversation and gradualy the CDF becomes known to all for its stifling negativity

  5. Phil Greene says:

    I somewhat agree with you Martin. It is always right (and courageous) to speak out for change. My problem is that we have even had Enda Kenny ask that the CDF have a change of heart with respect to the treatment of some of our priests and nothing has changed. We can all speak out as individuals or as separate groups in the first instance but there eventually comes a time and need for a collective voice , preferably a global voice, that can shout out and make their voice really heard, how amazing would this be if it happened on Easter Sunday, a day of New Beginnings… easier said than done , of course, but why not , why not try to bring about this change a little sooner..many people around the globe are in contact with each other as part of groups or individuals who want, no need, to see some shift and want to find a concrete way to say to Pope Francis “you are not alone”, who want to say to Marie Collins and others like her , that we do not accept this outrageous behaviour (which I gather is what We are Church International is saying above).. Could the silent majority of our priests have difficulty with this ? Can the Pastoral Councils be allowed to voice this sentiment from the pulpit as speaking for and to the Faithful(ALL the faithful)? The Church wants to include the lay people , then provide a conduit.. none of us do it without the other… a simple Truth which is not news to anyone but gets lost in all the noise.

    Perhaps an”International Day for the Laity” can be established among Christian faiths , it would be very interesting what seeds could grow from this day of unified thoughts… !

  6. Richard O'Donnell says:

    “The Church also wishes to listen to your voice, your sensitivities and your faith; even your doubts and your criticism. Make your voice heard, let it resonate in communities and let it be heard by your shepherds of souls. St. Benedict urged the abbots to consult, even the young, before any important decision, because “the Lord often reveals to the younger what is best.” (Rule of St. Benedict, III, 3).” Pope Frances in Pope’s Letter to Young People on the Occasion of the Presentation of the Preparatory Document of the XV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops.
    I assume that this exhortation also applies to those of us who are no longer young; probably everyone who contributes here. So, it seems to me that – We are Church International – are only doing what the Pope has asked us to do. The challenge is to get others to do the same and hopefully Francis will respond appropriately. He has changed some personnel. So there is still hope. This one would be interesting and only as Marie Collins deserves.

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