Men and Women are Children of God

Text of Prayer / Video
The contribution of women in all areas of human activity is undeniable, beginning with the family.
But only to recognize it…Is that enough?
We have done little for the women who are in very difficult situations–despised, marginalized, and even reduced to slavery.
We must condemn sexual violence against women and remove the barriers that prevent their full integration into social, political, and economic life.
If you think this is clearly right, join my petition. It is a prayer–that in all countries of the world women may be honored and respected and valued for their essential contribution to society.
I do my job as well as a man.
I will never be a slave.
No gender violence.
Enough of discrimination at work.
Men and women are children of God.

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  1. Soline Humbert says:

    “…and remove the barriers that prevent their[women’s]full integration into social, political, and economic life.”
    Spot the glaring omission:
    What about the GENDER APARTHEID in the ordained ministries?
    How can Pope Francis credibly ask the rest of society to open doors to women while repeating like a bad mantra: “the door is closed” to women’s ordination in the church?
    And there are plenty more barriers to women’s full equality and participation besides this. For instance he didn’t challenge the lack of votes for women at the last synod on the family when a male religious brother could vote,but not a sister….Planks and specks in the eye come to mind….

  2. Soline, I truly believe when the Pope asks society to open its doors to women he is speaking the only truth that his heart knows but more importantly he is identifying a demographic that is far from supportive of women in active roles in society. He is looking for gender/social reform in places where there is little. It is not the Pope’s job to decide whether female ordination has a place in the religion, it’s ours. If we were all actively supporting this next step in the religion, we’d all be acting like the Pope is right now : making a heart-felt video appealing to the masses and following it up with a petition. This is a format that works. As a true leader in society, he will do his job to appeal for the change where he has influence – we all have to appeal for the change we want to see and he is setting a great example.
    On a side note, please if you all can say a prayer for the people of Canada, specifically Fort McMurray, Alberta. Wildfires ravaged this community which is home to a majority of transient oil-field workers. Close to 100,000 people have been displaced and the majority of the city has been levelled by fire. The fires in north western Canada continue to burn. Is this a result of climate change. The research is undeniable.

  3. Phil Dunne says:

    I suggest Pope Frances leads by example by removing all barriers to full equality for women in the church and asking forgiveness for the many sins of sexism committed in the name of God. Frankly I am tired of words from the Vatican.

  4. Soline Humbert says:

    Lloyd,about your side note, be assured that many of us in Ireland are praying for the people of Canada ,that the devastating fire may be put out.
    About your suggestion about heartfelt appeal and petition for women’s ordination, well…The first heartfelt appeal and petition I know of was made to the Vatican II Council… I myself with others raised 20,000 signatures in Ireland over 20 years ago (which the then cardinal primate refused to accept)… Other petitions for the ordination of women around the world cost some people their jobs (like sr Carmel McEnroy RSM fired from her professorship…). They all seemed to have ended up into a Vatican blackhole. As for heartfelt appeals…well there has been no shortage of them,on video,radio,tv,print media etc…. not to mention visits to nuncios,bishops,letters and trips to Rome (by myself and many,many others!).
    What about the priests who want this change too: Are they afraid to speak out in support of their sisters?

  5. Lloyd Allan MacPherson says:

    Thank you Soline. Now is a time unlike any other really. Results are no longer static – they are instant and on-line. I am a member of Avaaz and have taken part in monumental petitions the last number of years. The “now is a time” cliche resonates with the current Papacy because we see Francis for who he really is : someone handcuffed to an old model who is showing us in his own way the keys to effectuate change. This is careful timing. When better to launch a campaign recognizing the primacy of women’s participation in society than at the same time Pope Francis is conducting his own. We have to start thinking that these rules are adopted by the Pope, no matter who or what he stands for. It is impossible for him to dissolve this legacy on his own. What steps need to be taken, you ask?
    The most advanced would be to form a petition in Ireland among the laity to seek governmental intervention on the items of polling the apparent “human law” errors within the Canons regarding gender bias, teachings on sexuality, obligatory celibacy and so on. If it discriminates and sees as unequal, then it is not divine, should be the climate.
    Can a government intervene on amoral practices on Irish soil? You all know the importance of building bridges between the old and the new. Once the “culture” of an area points towards a certain direction, then the Vatican has no choice but to address it. This is not an extremist point of view. Asking for the government to recognize the importance of the Spirit and polling her as a part of this process is an important part of bishops getting to know their local culture which will influence decision making at the highest level. If the local culture in Ireland, for the majority, supports the banning of obligatory celibacy and calls for the acceptance of female ordination, then the Vatican has some work to do.
    Canon law could very well be omitted from the halls of the Vatican and be locally legislated by bishops, at least in Ireland, for a start. Isn’t that what the Pope is talking about these days? The Spirit in Ireland is very much its own entity and while the Pope is addressing gender bias in places like South/Latin America, I’m sure he’d be happy knowing that people around the globe are pushing down oppressive walls wherever they are found. He certainly can’t come out and say it but his own actions speak for themselves.
    Although looking for government intervention is time consuming, in the meantime, a preliminary “referendum mock-up” could be completed as an on-line survey (I fill these out all the time) and targeted through Facebook/Twitter sponsored ads in your area. Not a huge undertaking but valuable data nonetheless. It works for Avaaz and allows them to get at the heart of the issue, very quickly.
    Feedback is the breakfast of champions and I would certainly appreciate yours on this matter.

  6. Soline Humbert says:

    @5&6 Thank you very much Lloyd for making these suggestions. I will share them with others here and around the world, and with prayer and reflection,with the help of the Spirit we’ll see what comes out of it.
    At this early stage I can only offer you a meager acknowledgement,not a hearty feedback “the breakfast of champions”…. And yes,I am familiar with both Avaaz and Surveymonkey.
    Others reading these comments may be able and bold enough to contribute from their own wisdom?

  7. Lloyd Allan MacPherson says:

    You are welcome Soline.
    At a time when 21 children are suing the current US administration (the federal court already affirmed the constitutional rights of the kids to do so) for climate change, it makes you wonder what prayer and reflection can really accomplish.
    This is a time for firsts – wisdom will take a back seat to courage fortunately.

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