Day: March 8 2012

Schedule for “Towards an Assembly of the Irish Catholic Church”

Regency Hotel: Monday, May 7th; 10.30am to 4.30pm

(Under the auspices of the Association of Catholic Priests)

First Session: Naming the Reality.

  • There will be four speakers giving short input.
  • Followed by a general forum.

Tea/Coffee Break

Second Session: The Vision

  • Three speakers outlining their vision for the Church.
  • Followed by general forum.

Break for Lunch (available in the hotel)

Third Session: Where to from here.

A presentation of a statement, coming out of the morning sessions. This might contain something like the following:

  • A call for a new model of Church
  • Calling lay groups to work together to make this model a reality
  • Asking that this process continue towards a full assembly of the Irish Church.
  • This presentation will be followed by a general forum which, hopefully, will shape the final document.

This gathering is open to all, lay and clergy. At some suitable time during the day there will be an opportunity for lay groups and individuals to gather, with a view to looking at the possibility of forming some type of lay ‘umbrella group’ comprising of existing groups and interested individuals.

If you are planning to attend we ask you to register on this website, so that we will know how many are coming.

There is no charge for attendance, but lunch will be at you own expense.


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