Church & State

Please, please, can politicians stop shouting and listen?

Tony Flannery gives his thoughts on the election campaign.
“please, whoever is elected, put your personal ambitions to one side, and don’t think only of your local area, but rather of the good of the country as a whole, and give us a government that will, in so far as it is possible, govern with wisdom and discernment, and for the good of all the people. And most of all, stop shouting at each other, and try to listen instead!.”

Abortion: is rational debate possible?

Margaret Lee presents the relevant facts in the debate in Ireland on proposed legislation around pregnancy and termination.

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Ireland in Crisis: A possible way out. Colm Hughes

This article, sent to us by Colm Hughes, challenges us to get involved in an area of life in which great priests of the past, like James McDyer, distinguished themselves.  We encourage priests to read it, and if it stirs any energy and interest in you, get in touch either with us or Colm, and maybe something could be done.

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