Month: January 2015

A gathering of peoples

Chris McDonnell responding to Brendan Hoban’s article and recent events sees hope in the meeting of Pope Francis and Hindu priest Kurakkal Somasundaram and its message of “peaceful understanding between peoples, of religious tolerance and of care not to offend.”
However the reality of the world is that some will continue to go on insulting anyone they choose and “This is the reality we must live with, always willing to respond to what we perceive as unjust comment, always preserving the right for opinion to be expressed, but always careful that violent reaction is not the outcome of thoughtless words.”

Let Battle Commence

Gabriel Daly OSA writes that ” In a body as large and as culturally diverse as the Catholic Church, discrepant and irreconcilable attitudes are inevitable. We should try to live with them, not pretend that it is necessary – or even desirable – to smooth them over. “
Gabriel reminds us that “The truth and the will of God may actually be found in the clash of ideas and convictions expressed freely and without the threat of institutional interference.”

A Church guided by the virtue of Prudence or Sycophancy and Careerism

Michael Commane OP in a column for INM Irish regionals says that statements from Pope Francis and the German Bishops set him thinking. He found what they had to say ” … heart warming and must give hope to those who pray to an open and forgiving God. How great would it be to see far more of a church that stressed prudence and compassion over authoritarianism and discipline.”

Pope Francis actually means what he says.

Brendan Hoban, in the Western People, advises that we need to listen to what Pope Francis is saying. Francis means what he says. His plain speaking in the scathing demolition of the assembled curia in his pre-Christmas address left no room for dilution through interpretation, translation or contextualisation.
Nor should we be distracted from his message by the speculative kite of a Papal visit being hoisted aloft. Such a visit is ‘exactly what the Irish Church doesn’t need at present.’

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