Month: January 2017

Pope of the possible

Brendan Hoban, in the Western People, questions why Irish bishops when faced with the dramatically reducing number of priests in the Irish church ‘are not good at maths. It takes them a long time to get their heads around something and then when they do the sums they seem to lose their nerve and back away from the obvious answer.’
Reports suggest the Brazilian bishops are asking Francis to allow married priests to resume their priestly ministry. ‘So shouldn’t we be doing something about it, now? Couldn’t our bishops do what the Brazilian bishops are doing?’.

The presumption of doing good and the harm it can cause

Brian Fahy, reflecting on his own life experiences, warns against the presumption that we’re always doing good merely because we think we are ‘working for God’.
‘People in the church presume that what they do is always good since they are working for God. They do not think to question many of the practices they perform precisely for this reason. They do not ever think that they might be mistaken.’

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