Day: July 8 2018

A Broken Dream

Chris McDonnell  writing in the Catholic Times on Friday 06 July comments on the shattering of the ‘American Dream’.
“The current argument in the US is not between Democrats and Republicans; it is between decency and autocracy.”
“”It is a time when the Christian voice of compassion and care must be strong in defence of those who have little, whose strength is insufficient to meet the challenge that they face.”

“Always say …… Always say”

Reflecting on his life’s experiences Brian Fahy reminds us how so many people who were strong and experienced in so many theatres of life were reduced to silence simply by the fact that the Church loomed too large in its authority.
“Let us encourage one another to speak and say how we feel and not allow the often, unconscious forces of power to suppress or stifle the truth that needs to be said and heard.”

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