Day: July 24 2018

Summertime and the living is easy (Gershwin)

Seamus Ahearne finds the ‘living is easy’ in summertime.
“The unexpected has to happen or we have to believe in the surprises of life. The unlikely does occur. ‘Summertime and the living is easy.’ That may not be so always. But in faith and with God, there is always a summertime.  The life of grace. The life of wonder. The life of love. It is there. Our church cannot be dour.”

The Quiet Revolution of Pope Francis – A Synodal Catholic Church in Ireland?

With thanks to Gerry O Hanlon and The Messenger we include the Introduction to Gerry’s new book.

Gerry O Hanlon sj has just published a book on Pope Francis and the Catholic Church in Ireland which may be of interest to readers of the web-site. More info available at Messenger web site.

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