Year: 2019

Christendom no longer exists!

Pope Francis’ annual address to the Roman Curia.
“there is a need to be wary of the temptation to rigidity.  A rigidity born of the fear of change, which ends up erecting fences and obstacles on the terrain of the common good, turning it into a minefield of incomprehension and hatred.  Let us always remember that behind every form of rigidity lies some kind of imbalance.  Rigidity and imbalance feed one another in a vicious circle.  And today this temptation to rigidity has become very real.”

Presiders Page for 9 December (Immaculate Conception of the BVM)

Our preparations for Christmas always include Mary, the Mother of God. Her Advent feast is displaced from 8th December this year because of a clash with the Second Sunday of Advent, which we celebrated yesterday. Today, we honour her conception free from sin, a miracle that displays God’s power for believers. We worship God, for whom everything is posssible.

Book Review – Ministry Among God’s Queer Folk, LGBTQ Pastoral Care

Tim Hazelwood reviews Ministry Among God’s Queer Folk, LGBTQ Pastoral Care by Bernard Schlage and David Kunitz.
Tim writes “I see it as a valuable textbook which should appeal to all sympathetic and interested caregivers in parishes, schools, hospitals, and other environments. I feel it would be of particularly helpful to Pastoral Supervisors. The named resources and explanations are of great value and the two sexual rating scales are enlightening and useful.”
We are grateful to The Furrow for permission to re-publish this article.

Guests in Their Own House: The Women of Vatican II Sr. Carmel McEnroy R.I.P.

Global Sisters Report, a project of the National Catholic Reporter, carries an article by Sarah Mac Donald about Sr. Carmel McEnroy who died recently in Galway.
Sr Carmel McEnroy was author of a groundbreaking work on the role of women in the Second Vatican Council,Guests in Their Own House: The Women of Vatican II.

Advent leads to light…

Chris McDonnell, writing in the Catholic Times, offers a few thoughts about the season of Advent. “The story of that journey to Bethlehem is mirrored so often in our present day society. Stories of refugee families in transit, struggling to care for young children or newly born infants abound in News programmes. Those living on the streets of this country are a constant reminder of the poverty that exists in our own affluent society.”

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