Month: January 2020

Why I am Pro-Life

Writing in America Magazine James Martin, S.J. gives a rationale for his pro-life outlook. “And I would invite you to consider this more as a profession of faith than as a political argument.
The best way of explaining my belief is this: The longer I live, the more I grow in awe of God’s creative activity and in reverence for God’s creation.”

Many Years On – Lest we ever forget

75 years ago, on 27 January 1945, the Soviet Red Army arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The world was soon to learn the full extent of the true horror of Nazi Fascism.
Chris McDonnell, writing in the Catholic Times, remembers: “All too easily we play with words to justify events, tell stories where truth is the casualty leading only to a greater misfortune. Maybe we should pause awhile as the month-end days arrive to ask a question and seek forgiveness.”

‘the world has changed and so must the Church’

Brendan Hoban, writing in the Western People, again comments on the decreasing numbers of priests to serve in Ireland and the consequences that arise as a result for the remaining, mainly elderly, priests.
But he adds “my interest here is not in the priesthood issue.
Rather it’s on how the failure to address this issue by the leadership of our Church is impinging on the immediate victims (the present priests) caught in the slipstream of an on-going decision by the Irish bishops to continue to avoid ‘the elephant in the living room’.
“Are there not a few bishops who might do a Bishop Kräutler on it and have a chat with Pope Francis about the implications of his Christmas message – ‘the world has changed and so must the Church’?
What is it about that sentence that the Irish bishops don’t understand or refuse to accept, even though almost every Catholic in Ireland seems happy to acknowledge?”

Presider’s Page for 19 January (Second Sunday in Ordinary Time)

The Christmas Season ended last Sunday, and we have entered Ordinary Time, moving slowly from winter towards spring. The season of Lent begins on the 26th February: between now and then, we learn a little more each Sunday about the life and teachings of Jesus, as St Matthew recorded them.

Retired Pope did not co-author book with Cardinal Sarah

“I can confirm that this morning, at the instruction of the emeritus pope, I asked Cardinal Robert Sarah to contact the editors of the book requesting that they remove the name of Benedict XVI as co-author of that same book, and also to remove his signature from the introduction and conclusion [to it],” stated Archbishop Gänswein, who is also the prefect of the papal household.

He said: “The emeritus pope in fact knew that the cardinal was preparing a book and had sent a brief text on the priesthood authorizing him to make whatever use he wanted of it. But he did not approve any project for a book under the two names, nor had he seen or authorized the cover.”

Personal reflection at the beginning of the New Year

Updated with a link to an interview of Tony Flannery by Monica Morley on Mid West Radio’s Faith Alive programme.

Tony Flannery posted a very interesting start of the year reflection on his personal blog.
It is nothing less than scandalous that Tony still is “withdrawn” from ministry and that this situation is allowed to continue by those in authority.
“I am inclined to believe that if there is to be any change in my situation it will happen this year. If not, then I will have to accept that things will remain as they are for whatever amount of life I have left. I can cope, I think, with not ministering as a priest any more. At my age I wouldn’t be doing much anyway. But living within an institution that acts in such a cavalier and unjust fashion, and is quite happy to sit with that injustice and do nothing about it, will be the difficult part.”

A Papal Joust –The Two Popes

Brendan Hoban, writing in the Western People, casts an eye over Fernando Meirelle’s film The Two Popes.
Brendan draws one very definite conclusion; having stated that the enjoyment of the film is enhanced by the stunning background of Castel Gandolfo, Rome and the Vatican, Brendan says “It’s easy to see why that artificial world is a dangerous context for impressionable young men who can be easily convinced that Rome represents standards that should be replicated in the wider church and the wider world rather than unambiguously rejected.
Everything about this film suggests that the opposite is the case. The Rome depicted in The Two Popes should be given a wide berth.” 

Sunday of the Word of God

With the first Sunday of the Word of God coming up on 26 January, Pádraig McCarthy has produced a leaflet to encourage people to read Scripture, with some simple introductory notes, and a list of the Sunday readings for the current year. Pádraig is very happy to make it available for download on our ACP website.

This has been updated to include a leaflet outlining the structure of the Books of the Bible.

“The Two Popes” interviews with Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce

Links to “The Two Popes” interviews with Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce and director Fernando Meirelle.

Sir Anthony Hopkins – “…. The religious politics of two opposing forces coming together, opposing opinions. Today we are not allowed to have an opinion, you have to be this or that, if you’re not this you are the enemy and it’s pathetic. This is what we live with today in this world …. You don’t believe what I say, then you’re bad, …. come on , grow up, we are all going to die, no one is perfect ….”

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