Year: 2020

A Papal Joust –The Two Popes

Brendan Hoban, writing in the Western People, casts an eye over Fernando Meirelle’s film The Two Popes.
Brendan draws one very definite conclusion; having stated that the enjoyment of the film is enhanced by the stunning background of Castel Gandolfo, Rome and the Vatican, Brendan says “It’s easy to see why that artificial world is a dangerous context for impressionable young men who can be easily convinced that Rome represents standards that should be replicated in the wider church and the wider world rather than unambiguously rejected.
Everything about this film suggests that the opposite is the case. The Rome depicted in The Two Popes should be given a wide berth.” 

Sunday of the Word of God

With the first Sunday of the Word of God coming up on 26 January, Pádraig McCarthy has produced a leaflet to encourage people to read Scripture, with some simple introductory notes, and a list of the Sunday readings for the current year. Pádraig is very happy to make it available for download on our ACP website.

This has been updated to include a leaflet outlining the structure of the Books of the Bible.

“The Two Popes” interviews with Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce

Links to “The Two Popes” interviews with Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce and director Fernando Meirelle.

Sir Anthony Hopkins – “…. The religious politics of two opposing forces coming together, opposing opinions. Today we are not allowed to have an opinion, you have to be this or that, if you’re not this you are the enemy and it’s pathetic. This is what we live with today in this world …. You don’t believe what I say, then you’re bad, …. come on , grow up, we are all going to die, no one is perfect ….”

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