Month: June 2021

Presider’s Page for 20 June (12th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

We have nothing to be afraid of, no matter what storm threatens to overwhelm us, God is with us. We need to trust in Christ’s calming presence — and not to be afraid to ask for help.
• And on this Father’s Day, we honour the presence and memory of our fathers — and those who have played a father’s role……]

Irish Bishops: Dr Nicola Brady has been appointed as chair of the Synodal Steering Committee and the vice-chairs appointed are Mr Andrew O’Callaghan and Bishop Brendan Leahy of Limerick

Bishops express thanks for over 550 submissions received for Synodal Pathway During their 2020 Winter General Meeting, bishops decided to proceed along a Synodal Pathway and, since then, have been…

One blogger’s view of Garda Vetting: “It is a truly absurd system. If ever there were a case of closing the door after the horse has bolted this is it.”

Garda Vetting is not fit for purpose according to Michael Commane in his blog Occasional Scribbles. “…I actually find it a demeaning procedure. Every time I fill out those forms some…

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