Month: August 2023

Séamus Ahearne: ‘NO ONE SHOUTED STOP.’ (John Healy – Death of an Irish Town – Charlestown 1968) {Applicable in many circumstances and even today.}

A KISS: Luis Rubiales made a big mistake. He should have seen, or recalled that he had seen, Pretty Woman. With Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Julia insisted that a…

Brendan Hoban: Irish banks are up to their usual old tricks                                

Western People 22.8.2023 For institutions a sense of entitlement can be the first step to oblivion. We’re special. We’re different. We’re not ‘like other men’. (Luke 18.11) Thus the pharisees,…

Séamus Ahearne: “The biggest shift in my lifetime has been the evaporation of the transcendent from all our discourse and our sense of human destiny.” (John Scally quotes from a final note he got from Seamus Heaney).     

FIFTY YEARS A PRIEST: In two weeks, I will be fifty years a priest. I can’t believe how it is possible for these years to have gone by so rapidly….

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