Month: October 2018

Give me a Drink

An old work song sets Chris McDonnell, writing in the Catholic Times, reflecting on the beauty and awesome power of water. His musings lead him to think “It is a time of aridity in the Church, so much has happened that has left us parched and thirsty, casting about, looking for a drink to satisfy our thirst.”

The Vatican’s Tahrir Square?

Paddy Ferry alerts us to the fact that the funeral Mass of Fr. Kevin Kelly, the English theologian, is taking place in Formby tomorrow, Oct. 9th, at noon. He died on Sept. 25th aged 81.

Paddy says ‘During the controversy leading up to the imposition of the then new liturgy, he wrote to the English bishops expressing his disquiet. I now share the piece once again below, “The Vatican’s Tahrir Square?”. I am now not quite sure where I first came across this –perhaps even on this site. But, when I did, I immediately shared it with Cardinal O’Brien whom I had been pestering about the awfulness of the new liturgy. He immediately sent it to all the Scottish bishops but all to no avail.’

The Stripping of the Altars

Seamus Ahearne visited his neighbours in Finglas West for the closing of their church.
“The symbolism of today was very moving. The closing of a Church brought people to Mass!  ……..
A new world of God, is opening up. We do need to be very creative. Buildings help it happen. It will occur in a very different way. We can knock down some of the structures of religion and become architects of a very new and simple faith.  Pope Francis expresses it well how our Church has to grow and develop. We need to focus on faith-building rather than brick-building.”

“The Role of the Faithful in a post-Royal Commission Church in Australia”

The address of Vincent Long Van Nguyen, Bishop of Parramatta, to the Concerned Catholics of Canberra and Goulburn Forum on the topic of “The Role of the Faithful in a post-Royal Commission Church in Australia” has relevance not just to the church in Australia but to the universal church.
“If the priesthood has a better future, it has to be humanized; it has to find expression in better mutual support, collaboration and partnership. It has to free itself from the variant strains of clericalism such as sexism, paternalism, narcissism and superiority complex.”
“So long as we continue to make women invisible and inferior in the Church’s language, liturgy, theology and law, we impoverish ourselves as if we heard with only one ear, we saw with only one eye and we thought with only one half of the brain…”

Come Dancing with Grand Designs

Seamus Ahearne binges on TV (three programmes in a week!) and recommends it as a great escape, but not to be indulged in too often!
“In my frivolous mood, I wish that we as Church people might learn from the three Shows and be motivated to do something very new. …. We need creativity and imagination to produce new Churches (not the buildings), new Parishes and new ways of being Dioceses. We need experiments. We need a new structure. We need to think outside the box. We need dreamers. We need visionaries. If only all were prophets!”

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