Month: May 2019

Per Tutti – For All

The editor of praytell blog writes about the forthcoming publication of the new Italian Missal.
“In September, 2017 Pope Francis issued Magnum principium, which called for translations which are both faithful to Latin and respectful of the characteristics of the receptor language……
More significantly, Pope Francis restored authority over translations to bishops’ conferences, as the Second Vatican Council had decreed, and rolled back the creeping centralism of previous decades at odds with the Council’s decisions.”

It seems the Italian bishops have taken their responsibility to heart and acted accordingly. We struggle on …..

A Grumpy Eye on the World

Seamus Ahearne casts his eye over recent happenings and imagines how the late Grumpy Cat might view matters. But despite his grumpy outlook there is always redemption. “Have a real sense of history and never make this moment and how I feel, too important. Celebrate the Liturgy of life without the pompous solemnity which kills the very soul of faith. Faith and God has to be celebrated with imagination and creativity. No stodginess. No boredom. No head only nonsense. The heart and body and the very soul has to be stirred. Explore beauty. Forget all the nonsense of passing fashion and fads. Don’t get stuck in mud of negativity”

A Voice Worth Listening To

Chris McDonnell writes in this week’s Catholic Times of how even a single voice can disturb “our comfort zone and there is an unease, almost guilt in consequence. The social disruption created by the preaching of the Nazarene was equally unsettling. ‘Listen, you who have ears to hear’. It was true when the Lord spoke those words and is still true now.”

‘You are the light of the world” – norms for the universal church dealing with abuse and the cover up of abuse

Pope Francis has issued new norms for the universal church outlining how allegations of abuse have to be dealt with.
It has received extensive coverage in Vatican News.

Michael Sean Winters also writes in the National Catholic Reporter of the latest directive of Pope Francis that “establishes new laws for the universal church regarding both the scourge of abuse and the equally abhorrent covering up of such abuse.”
“If you are ordained, or belong to a religious order, you are now a mandatory reporter of abuse. You can’t ignore it.”

Commission on Women Deacons: Joyful Variety or Plain Fudge?

Various news outlets are carrying reports about Pope Francis’ comments on women’s diaconate in his airborne press conference while returning from a trip to Bulgaria and North Macedonia. We carry snippets from America Magazine and Vatican News.
“The pope did not tell reporters what steps, if any, would come next on the subject of a women’s diaconate.”

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