Month: August 2019

Lost for Words when God Whispers

Seamus Ahearne lets his mind (and fingers on the laptop) wander as he explores how we find God in those moments when God whispers to us. Seamus like many found inspiration from the late Fr. Tony Coote.
“Tony Coote’s ‘Walk while you can’ and his book ‘Live while you can’ stirred many of us. He put the spirit into us with his courage, his honesty and his ability to find hope. He saw God and treasure in the midst of Motor Neurone Disease. So yes. ‘Wow’ and ‘Amazing’ is sometimes all we can respond. God-moments and Good- moments are precious. Treasure them as Tony did.”

Another Beginning?

Brendan Hoban in the current edition of Studies gives an honest assessment of the current state of the Church in Ireland and says “that ongoing change is now a permanent reality for the Catholic Church”. Brendan also posits a possible way forward based on the reality of the situation but reminds us that by rejecting the reality of change we are “by extension, rejecting the possibility of reshaping a different church.”
Our thanks to the Editor of Studies, Bruce Bradley SJ, for permission to publish this article on our website.

How do we plan a future? – Cloyne Diocese – The Future

Tim Hazelwood in responding to a letter from his bishop to all priests in the diocese asks “As regards this conversation about “the way forward” I am wondering why this conversation should only take place among priests? Should not any discussions involve all affected parties? Would this not be an ideal time for a diocesan synod, as Pope Francis recommends, where all Bishop, priests, laity work together to plan a way forward?

The Problems with Celibacy

Fr Peter Daly wrote recently in the National Catholic Reporter about problems he sees that arise as a result of the church’s position on mandatory celibacy for priests of the Latin Rite.

“Celibacy is not essential to Catholic priesthood. It is only mandated in two of the 24 “autonomous churches” in communion with Rome; the Latin Rite and the Ethiopian Rite….. At least seven popes were married…..There was even a father and son pope combination, Pope Hormisdas (514-523) who was father to Pope Silverius, (536-537)…..Today we have many married priests in the Roman (Latin) Rite who have come to us from the Anglican or Lutheran traditions. ….. If they can be married, why not others?
The practice and teaching of the church on priestly celibacy has been inconsistent and incoherent. But, most important of all, Jesus did not mandate celibacy.” 

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