Month: October 2019

What about yoga and mindfulness?

Liam Power offers a very timely insight into the practice of Yoga and how it could enhance Christian meditation and prayer.
“….many Christians find the practice of yoga very beneficial to their health and wellbeing and that it can help them rediscover silence and the richness of solitude in their lives. Paradoxically, it can lead them to a deeper Christian spiritual life and even to a more meaningful participation in the Eucharist.”

The Choice   (by Edith Eger)

Memories of a visit to Auschwitz and the life story of Edith Eger inspire Seamus Ahearne.
“If Edith can parallel her life story with the life stories of her patients,  I wonder where might we go, if we took her methods into our story of faith and church and ministry.   We are so often imprisoned in sadness. We apologise for the past. We are embarrassed by that past. We blame others. We feel that we have failed. …. We can’t let go. We don’t want to get out of prison. We are afraid to wander into freedom and future and hope.”

“wake us from the slumber of indifference, open our eyes … “

A prayer by Pope Francis for ‘Those Who Have Died After Leaving Their Homelands in Search of a Better Life’ is posted here as we struggle with the extent of the tragedy that claimed 39 lives in a lorry container in Grays, Essex, U.K. – What must we do to “wake us from the slumber of indifference, open our eyes …” Mattie Long

“a never finished conversion”

Dublin diocese website carried the  Homily notes of Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin on the occasion of the canonisation of John Henry Newman.
“A Catholicism of self-defined certainties will lead eventually to a doubt about all certainties and thus to emptiness. A Catholicism of self-defined certainties and self-importance led to an authoritarian and harsh Irish Catholicism, with  consequences we know only too well.”
“I am astonished at the content and tone of daily messages on social media by Catholic pundits on the left and the right that are anything but kindly.  There are those who spend all day attacking and responding and feeling that in this they are defending the integrity of Church teaching.  The kindly light will never be defended by nastiness and bitterness.”

Presider’s Page for 20 October (Mission Sunday)

Today is World Mission Sunday, which this year has the theme: “TOGETHER WE ARE MISSION, changing the lives of others!” The readings point to the value of persistent prayer, which can be a real support to missionaries in their work. If you want results, pray without ceasing, says Jesus. God will listen and help.

‘What About Me? Women and the Catholic Church’

Sharon Tighe-Mooney was stunned to read that Pope Benedict XVl had made the ordination of women a more serious “crime” than sexual abuse of children! She devoted herself to research the reasons for this and has published a very clear and readable book; ‘What About Me? Women and the Catholic Church’
Sharon will address this topic on Monday, 14 October, 2019 at the Mercy International Centre, 64A Baggot Street, Dublin 2: 7.30pm to 9.15pm  

Synod – “high expectations” and “infinite hope”

An extract from a report in by Luke Hansen SJ dealing with the ministry women exercise in the church in the Amazon region.
“since there are few priests, women baptize children and preside at marriages …. Sometimes we also have to listen to confessions. Of course, we cannot give absolution, but we place ourselves in a position of humbleness, listen to the person and give a word of comfort, perhaps before death.” – Alba Teresa Cediel Castillo, M.M.L.

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