Month: March 2020

Cancellation of Masses because of Covid 19 – UPDATED with Irish Bishops’ statement

It seems that all Masses with congregations will be cancelled in light of the Covid-19 outbreak.
Archbishop Neary of Tuam has issued the following directive; “all Masses with congregations in parishes in the Archdiocese of Tuam should be cancelled.”

UPDATE – Irish Bishops
“In the current emergency situation, all are dispensed from the obligation to physically attend Sunday Mass.”
“Every Catholic is entitled to a dignified Christian burial.  Attendance at Funeral services and Masses should be limited to close relatives and must not exceed 100 attendees within the church building.
Similarly, Church weddings and baptisms may be celebrated on condition that the attendance in church does not exceed 100 people.”

A time for reflection

Chris McDonnell in the Catholic Times suggests that “We live in a time of immediate news and instant reaction. Sometimes a period of reflection allows a more considered opinion to form.” and he asks “The papal document is the response to the Synod’s theme “Amazon: new paths for the Church and for an integral ecology. So where do we stand?”

Presider’s Page for 8 March (Second Sunday of Lent)

Now that we are ten days into the season of Lent, our goal is clarified in today’s liturgy. The Gospel of the Transfiguration reminds us that we are destined for glory. Like the disciples, we keep this glimpse of glory in our hearts in the dark days ahead. Resurection will follow, as surely as day follows night.

Catholic women mobilise for International Women’s Day: carries an interesting article by Mada Jurado on how in many places Catholic women are mobilising for International Women’s Day.
“The equality of every human being is a basic lesson of Christianity”
“women realise the time for asking is over, they are taking on the responsibility for the future of their Church – with or without permission.”

Eating together, becoming one

Chris McDonnell in the Catholic Times writes about Eating together, becoming one, a recently published book by Professor Tom O’Loughlin. Tom currently holds the chair of Historical Theology in the University of Nottingham and has recently retired as president of the Catholic Theological Association. In this book he addresses the complex issue of intercommunion amongst Christian churches.
“It is ironic that the very centre of nourishment within the Christian family has become the point of division between us, a matter of confusion rather than an occasion of joy and close companionship.”
“Yet too often we look for differences, we set up restrictive practices and discord takes the place of harmony. The advice from the priest over who may receive at weddings and funerals is but one telling example.”

Presider’s Page for 1 March (First Sunday of Lent)

We celebrate the first Sunday of Lent. All over the world today, men and women are beginning a period of preparation for their baptism at the Easter Vigil. Like them, we spend Lent preparing to renew our baptismal vows at Easter, looking forward to our blessing with Easter water and to receiving the gift of a new start.

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