Month: March 2020

A Lenten Experience

Seamus Ahearne is reflecting on the imposed restrictions and like many is making discoveries about himself: “I need people! The empty house. The silence. The absence of banter. The non-visiting. The non-communion (2 metres).”
But there is also the awareness that “We have been given so much. We cannot take it for granted.  The virus tells us of this being one world and that we share a common world. We all belong. We all need each other.”

Presider’s Page for 29 March (Fifth Sunday of Lent)

In under a fortnight’s time, the Easter Triduum will begin, on Holy Thursday evening. It will be a Triduum like no other, with no public celebrations because of the Coronavurus pandemic. But in our own homes, each of us can recall the great events that Easter remembers. We ask God’s help in the last 10 days of Lent.

Presider’s Page for 22 March (Fourth Sunday of Lent)

Traditionally, this Sunday is called Laetare Sunday, which means ‘a day for joy’ — although few will feel much joy this year, as the COV-19 epidemic draws ever nearer. But at this midpoint of Lent, it is traditional to honour mothers, treasuring those still with us and praying for those we have lost to death.

Closed Churches

Brendan Hoban writes in the Western People about the current situation with efforts to help slow the spread of COVID-19
“when we don’t know, or can’t know what to do, as with the corona virus, a respectful silence is probably the best option. It’s a time, if ever there was a time, when what the experts say has to be heard and acted upon.”

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