Month: May 2020

As I was walking

Seamus Ahearne is thinking about what is to come. “Vocation is a big word. It isn’t limited to the wonderland of priesthood. Parenting. Frontline folk. This is ministry.  Any return from exile, needs an expansive exploration of Church, Sacrament, Priesthood, Ministry.  We cannot come back to celebrate what was. We come from the desert and the wilderness.”

Deaf Shepherds

Joe Mulvaney questions the use of the imagery of sheep and shepherd in the modern world for the type of ministry that is now required.
“there are lots of alternative words and concepts which could be used more meaningfully today e.g. servant leader, influencer, inspirer, animator, coordinator of parish services, moderator, facilitator, Christian community leader for shepherd and People of God or Friends of Jesus instead of sheep. You have many better words.” ….. “We Catholics are honest people. Let us speak out for reform in the Catholic Church using every modern means available to us.”

Real Leadership – Women speaking truth to power

A report in Global Sisters Report outlines grave discomfort being expressed by many in the Catholic church in the U.S.A. at the expressions of admiration for President Trump’s leadership by Cardinal Dolan. It would appear that many women religious are offering leadership on this issue.
” ….. while politicians look for votes by saying the right thing, a Christian has got to stand in the shoes of immigrants,” she paraphrased. “I expect that from our leadership — not this pandering to power.”

Return from Exile

On Friday 1 May, the government launched its “Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business.” It proposes, in phase 4, the opening of “religious and places of worship where social distancing can be maintained.” The date planned for this is 20 July.
This means we have nearly three more months before opening our places of worship. What will we do with that time?
Pádraig McCarthy hopes to stimulate reflection and discernment.

Wrestling with God, an angel or life itself

Seamus Ahearne is wrestling with God, an angel or life itself.
Seamus can become distracted during the live streaming of Mass.
“The Virtual Mass is an Invitation into the life of a Community.  It is hospitable.  I should be gracious and respectful.  But the Sanctuary (of those churches) speaks aggressively.  I look around.  The contradictions of many Sanctuaries attacks my senses. The Re-Ordering that happened some fifty years ago shouts and sometimes even screams. There was the compromise effort. It wasn’t a re-ordering; it was a disordering. The old was kept. The new was added. It doesn’t work.  …  The utter clutter is confusing. Surely it is now time to get this right.”  

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