Month: July 2020

Statues Beware

Seamus Ahearne is moved by a speech in the U.S. House of Representative by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York to ask “If we as Church, listened to her words, might we find much of her address applicable to ourselves? How women are treated? How they are excluded for spurious theological reasons.  How even the language of our Liturgy insults them; disrespects them; belittles them.”

A New Lectionary for Scotland – ‘Another fine mess’ ?

The Scottish bishops have approved the use of the Catholic Edition of the English Standard Version (ESV) Bible, published in 2018, as the base text for the new translation of the Lectionary for Scotland.
This version is known for its more ‘literal’ translation and lack of inclusive language.
The Irish bishops have yet to announce a decision about a new lectionary for Ireland. Can we have any hope we will avoid another fiasco like the 2011 Missal?

The Music of Mission

Seamus Ahearne continues to be inspired by his early morning walks.
“We walk humbly into the future. We are indeed ‘tiptoeing’ with reverence into that new world, where there are hints of mystery everywhere.  ….. Ministry has to change. Parish life has to change. Church has to change. Our understanding of Sacrament has to change. Our concept of Liturgy and worship has to change. We have to change”. 

Let’s Eat Together – has the time come to change our (anti-) ecumenical practice which hurts people?

Eating Together, Becoming One by Thomas O’Loughlin has won First Place in the “Ecumenism or Interfaith Relations” category in the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada’s 2020 Book Awards. We extend our congratulations to Tom.

Pope Francis called on theologians to explore whether Catholic practice should be changed to allow Christians, belonging to other churches, to share fully at the table when they take part in a eucharist celebrated by Catholics. Thomas O’Loughlin argues that the various ways of thinking about what we are doing in the liturgy should lead us to see intercommunion as enhancing our participation in the mystery of the church and the mystery we celebrate.

The God of Small Things

Seamus Ahearne reminds us of God being found where we are, and asks; “And what then is prayer?  It is noticing the little things. The little people. The little gifts. The little beauty. The hidden gems. The wonder.  It is being able to see. To take off the shoes. To bow the head. To be grateful.  To being aware.  To looking back and remembering the graciousness of life in people. It is looking around and seeing the Godly image in everyone.”

New World In The Morning

Seamus Ahearne thinks about all the changes we are now faced with as a result of the pandemic.
“We will adjust our thinking to a new way of being,  as we consider a new way forward.  There is no option.”
“Many decisions that should have been taken years ago in terms of planning, are now being forced on us.  Our mentality has to change drastically.”

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