Séamus Ahearne: ‘Blinkered by knowledge, we search Him out, with furrowed brow, while He is close and unnoticed, in every midget being of creation.’ Glimpsing More, Pádraig Daly

The cuckoo, cormorant, swan, heron:

On Sunday (12th March) and Monday mornings (06.30a.m.) I heard the cuckoo. You don’t believe me? I know that the cuckoo isn’t due for some weeks. But I did hear it. It cannot be some mimic trying to confuse me. It didn’t speak to me this morning (Tuesday). The Tolka was in a hurry this morning. The normal languid nature of the water was overwhelmed by the rush. It was busy. It had to get places and had no time for chatting. Surfing that rush today was a cormorant. The long neck popped up in the rush of the water. The bird was riding the rapids. It was quite a sight. I then reached the pond.

A romantic failure!

It was another sad moment. The swans haven’t made up. This usual very close partnership clearly was broken. This happy and romantic couple weren’t on speaking terms. They must have had a tiff if not an outright row. They had gone their separate ways. This was the third morning that they had taken to the extremities of the pond. Anywhere to be at a distance from each other. They need relationship or marriage counselling. They should get in touch with Swan Mediators. This couple were always together, always so close. I was disappointed. I couldn’t help watching the waterhens and the ducks, all so harmoniously enjoying each other. And then I came to the supreme loner – the heron. This contemplative bird wasn’t interested in anyone or anything. It was praying. It was still. It was absorbed in meditation. This contemplative was whetting its appetite for breakfast.

The Trinity:  Gary Lineker, Jeremy Clarkson and Tony Flannery

There was a crisis. The whole world stood still. Gary Lineker was suspended. He had said too much. He had questioned the language of the Tories in ‘Stop the Boats.’ He had goaded the Home Secretary especially. Billy Shakespeare (in Hamlet) sums it up:  ‘Hoist by their own petard.’ The BBC did blow themselves up. Gary was seen to be party political and the BBC Chairman Richard Sharp wasn’t! Gary’s use of language was ‘sharp’ but not totally inappropriate. Anyway. He is back. The world of Sport couldn’t live without him and his colleagues, who had all shown such solidarity.

Top Gear

Some time back, Jeremy Clarkson was suspended and eventually dropped from ‘Top Gear.’   He had been involved in a fracas with a producer. An Irishman at that. Jeremy had to go and he wasn’t taken back.

Cúirt an Mheán Oíche

Our Tony Flannery seemingly used ‘bad language’ and was dumped without any proper Ritual. He wasn’t told why. His accusers never presented evidence. He was asked to sign papers renouncing views that he never professed. He has served his time. Parole hasn’t been granted. He must be doing life. He never reached court. He never had a Defence Barrister. There was no Court Case.

The prodigal son?!

It is embarrassing. It is wrong. How can the supreme caring institution based on Christ and the Gospel be party to this? I doubt if Tony ever even thought of some of the views that Francis says so fluently on his plane journeys. Yes. It is true. That Francis has also been accused and condemned by many over the ten years for these views but at least he could continue. Not Tony. What a waste. What a wrong. What foolishness. This is not the Church of Jesus Christ that I meet every day of my life. The BBC had the guts and gumption to recall Gary. Why hasn’t HQ Rome attempted a Confession, an apology,  and some reconciliation? 

Knock. The Teacher. And Indi:

I was told this morning that some girls at St Michael’s school here in Finglas, asked to go to Knock. They went during the week. They loved the experience. They didn’t have sufficient time in the place. They liked the Mass in the old chapel. They enjoyed the museum and the talks. I am getting worried. This broke all my expectations. Some young people wanted to go to Knock, and were thrilled with the visit…..

A smile on the face of God

I had the First Communion children here for First Confession last week. Their Confession was rather different to the usual formal version. At one stage, I asked the youngsters about their teacher. What was special and lovely about their teacher (Sinéad)? I am somewhat simple. Sinéad is always smiling. I thought that they would speak of this. And then I would suggest that real Confession is like that… They didn’t. Every child wanted to talk. They were magnificent. Everything was positive. Sinéad’s face got redder. She was blushing. They praised her and thanked her. And then the last girl to speak, had this to say: “She makes us work hard. She never lets us take it easy. She expects us to be the best. But she is great.” That was the only negative thing said and it was positive!  

Indi and her birthday

Young Indi is very preoccupied. She is planning her birthday on the 21st March. She will be 3. She tells her grandmother to work on her mother and to make sure she gets what she wants. She is doing the rounds to ensure that everyone gives her presents but she gets someone else to prompt the others. What a political mover she is. At 3. She is a mover and a shaker. Now she does notice Spring: The flowers. The birds. The greenery. The buds. The light. The colours. The hills. The animals. She accepts that God is good to her. She believes that God gives her presents in anticipation of her birthday and will give her more surprises. Oh yes. Everything is about her. Young Indi is definitely the centre of her own universe and God has to dance to her tune. If she is grateful – then she is fine.


Seamus Ahearne osa    14th March 2023.

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