Month: November 2013

Some Irish media commentators love their Church ‘not wisely but too well’

Brendan Hoban takes issue with Breda O’Brien and David Quinn’s praise for Pope Benedict and dismissal of Pope Francis. He finds their evidence of green shoots in the Irish Church unconvincing (first published in the Western People, 18 November 2013).

ACP report on Yvonne Murphy investigation published

About eighteen months ago some priests of Dublin Archdiocese approached the ACP Leadership with the proposal that a study of Judge Yvonne Murphy’s Investigation of Clerical Child Abuse in the Archdiocese be conducted.

Retired High Court Judge from Hong Kong, Mr. Fergal Sweeney, was commissioned to do this work.

We here publish his report:
Commissions of Investigation and Procedural Fairness Report
(40 pages, PDF)

In conjunction with this, Fr. Padraig McCarthy of the Archdiocese has just published a book on the same subject. This does not duplicate Fergal Sweeney’s work but includes further areas of analysis of the Murphy Report. Padraig’s book, An Unheard Story (published by Londubh) will be available in most bookshops.


Synod preparatory document is now available to all

The Leadership Team of the ACP share the latest document from the Vatican, in preparation for the Synod on the F amily to be held in 2014. This contains a questionnaire that is meant to be widely circulated.  The principal document, the Lineamenta, which includes the questionnaire, is now available as a PDF file on the Dublin diocesan website

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