Month: August 2016

The problems with seminaries

With the ongoing controversy about Archbishop Martin of Dublin deciding to remove all 3 of Dublin archdiocese’s students from Maynooth Tony Flannery suggests “The solution would have to involve a radical revision of our understanding of ministry and the requirements necessary to become a priest. So, rather than just tinkering around with Maynooth, the Irish church needs to initiate a process of discussion at all levels to discern what type of ministry is best suited for the Church of the future.”
“…. we need courage. The problems in seminaries is only one part of a much greater malaise in the church. Trying to re-create the past is not the answer. Significant change is needed.”

Maynooth Seminary Crisis: ACP Statement

The ACP have issued a statement on the controversy afflicting Maynooth at present.
“While it is important that the highest standards prevail in Maynooth, the response to whatever the crisis is – real or imaginary – demands more than moving a few students to Rome and offering a few unconvincing reasons for the decision.”

UPDATED with Brendan Hoban interview on Morning Ireland, 03/08/2016

‘Open the doors’ – Wake up call from Pope Francis

Excerpts from a report by Gerard O’Connell in America Magazine on Pope Francis’ “Wake-Up Call to Polish Clergy”.
It could be a wake up call for the Irish Church as easily.
“Francis has heard about the tendency toward clericalism and resistance to change among many of the 156 bishops and 30,000 priests”.
“Francis noted that “in our lives as priests and consecrated persons, we can often be tempted to remain enclosed, out of fear or convenience, within ourselves and in our surroundings.”
“Looking at the bishops and clergy seated in front of him, he said, “Jesus wants hearts that are open and tender towards the weak, never hearts that are hardened.”

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