Month: July 2017

Setting us on our way

Brian Fahy muses on what has changed in church, and what church should be … “A place that gathers you in to bless you and encourage you, and that then points out the road to you, the road of your life that you are encouraged to walk, until you reach God’s holy mountain.
We need a Church like that, to gather us in, to fire our hearts and to set us on our way.”

Stories to look at the scandal of sexual abuse of minors by clergy  from several different viewpoints

Pádraig McCarthy draws attention to a series of articles in the NCR. “On the National Catholic Reporter website this week, beginning 17 July, is ‘a series of stories that will challenge our readers to look at the scandal of sexual abuse of minors by clergy from several different viewpoints: from the perspective of a victim/survivor, from the perspective of a convicted offender, from the perspective of a family member of a victim, and from the perspective of professional advocates and watchdogs.’ “

Rome, we’ve got a problem

Brendan Hoban, writing in the Western People, says that while it’s good that there is now some recognition of the huge crisis facing the Irish church due to a lack of priests it is past time to take action.
.”Regularly now, in what used to be a listing of priests’ changes in June, we have a listing of parishes who no longer will have a resident priest but will be serviced by a priest in an adjoining parish. Unless something practical is done, that will keep happening until there’s only one priest left with a helicopter trying to cover funerals, weddings and baptisms over several parishes leaving most churches in a diocese without Mass, Sunday or weekday.”

‘There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of, in your philosophy.’

Seamus Ahearne reflects on a recent meeting with some 60 of his fellow Augustinians and on the day to day happenings in his parish and community. “there is still a ladder going up to the heavens. Angels still ascend and descend. God is in this place. And sometimes we don’t sing and dance and laugh and enjoy it as if we knew. The dour Church is not an ambassador for Christ. The clown is a better image for most of us. Life presently needs fun and laughter. God has to be about that something which is more and different. Someone has to stir the music in our souls. I think that is our job.”

Another side of Pope Francis

Brendan Hoban writes in his column in the Western People about the decisive actions of Pope Francis in facing down disobedience amongst some Cardinals.
Also included are links to;
La Croix International   Cardinal Müller’s self-delusion and sense of entitlement
and         Muller complains of lack of due process in his sacking!!!!!!

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