Presider’s Page

This section, provided by Fr. Bernard Cotter of Cloyne diocese, offers useful material for the celebrant, on Sundays and Feasts: alternative prayers, introductions, intercessions etc.

Info on St Patrick available on new website

What do we actually know about St Patrick? Do we know anything for sure? How can we find out? Behind all the later traditions which grew around him, reflecting his influence on the people of Ireland, we have his own words. There’s now a website where you can get back to the real St Patrick. Let your parish know about it. Pádraig McCarthy.

Liturgical Resource for Celebrants

The Liturgical Resource document below is based in the 1998 IECL  Euchariustic Prayers

It contains

  1.   The Ordinary of the Mass from the Offertory to the end.
  2.   A selection of Prayers over the Gifts
  3.   Prefaces for use through the year
  4.   Eucharistic Prayers 1, 2 3, 4, 5; Reconciliation 1 & 2 and one of the Eucharistic Prayers for Children.


The whole document fits into a 60-pocket display folder and gives the celebrant all that he needs at the altar.

The list of contents is at the end of the file.

Download the 1998 ICEL Eucharistic Prayers (PDF)

Harvest Thanksgiving

A parish’s harvest thanksgiving can take the form of a special Eucharist or an ecumenical Service, or it can take place over the varied liturgies of a weekend. Relevant local people can be involved in in planning this event: in rural areas, members of organisations like the IFA or Macra might participate. Schoolchildren decorate the church for the celebration, reflecting all the beautiful elements of creation.

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