24 July, Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Solomon prayed for the gift of discernment, something that we all need as our guide in making decisions. All things have their own intrinsic value, but if we over-value any of our favourite “things”, we devalue God. Deep down, I need to loosen my grip on what is transient, and hold firm to what is eternal, in the spirit of faith-filled discernment. I need to find what is the real treasure, the one thing really worth

23 July, Saturday, Feast of St Bridget of Sweden

What Bridget of Sweden can teach us today

(from an address of pope Benedict XVI in St Peter’s Square, October 28, 2010.)

I would like to present the figure of St Bridget of Sweden, co-patroness of Europe, her message, and the reasons why this woman has much to teach — even today — to the Church and to the world. We know well the events of her life, because