31 Aug, Wednesday of Week 22

The Winding Road To Heaven

Today’s texts suggest the long process of growth with its ups and downs, before reaching “the hope held in store for you in heaven.”

Arriving at Simon Peter’s home, Jesus learns that the apostle’s mother-in-law is “in the grip of a severe fever.” We note of the sequence of events. The story, in being told over and over again, has been reduced to its bare

28 Aug, Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


St Paul’s ringing challenge to “present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God,” is indeed a high ideal, a worthy target for all who wish to aim at realising the full value and potential of their lives. In Jeremiah and Jesus we have two inspiring examples of doing God’s will in the teeth of opposition and danger. This is a message of living hope, to all those for whom life is a struggle, and for whom

21 Aug, Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time


We celebrate Christ’s choice of Peter, in spite of his shortcomings, to be the rock on which his church is founded. At the same time, we recall how Simon Peter could also be called a “stumbling-block” because he could occasionally be headstrong, weak, or plain wrong on some vital issues, like the need for the Christ to suffer before reaching his glory. We pray for our present pope, that he may be guided by the Holy Spirit, with wisdom and strength to lead us in facing the real challenges of the modern world.