03 September, 2020. Thursday of Week 22 St Gregory the Great, pope and doctor of the Church (Memorial)

Most of us will have tasted the experience of failure in one shape or form. We may have failed to live up to the values and the goals that we had set ourselves; some enterprise or some initiative that we had invested in may have come to nothing; some relationship that was important to us may have slipped away from us. All such experiences can leave us feeling disheartened. Such a move from failure to success is told in the gospel. We can hear Peter’s discouragement when he mutters, ‘we worked all night and caught nothing.’ Then after the miraculous haul of fish he shouts out, ‘leave me, Lord; I am a sinful man.’ Their initial failure does not have the last word. Jesus changed their fruitless labour into a marvellous catch; and he draws the reluctant Peter into his own work of gathering people into God’s kingdom.”